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Wednesday, February 16, 2011 @11:37:00 AM
You'll Never Walk Alone

One too many

The long holidays of the CNY weeks and slacking weeks just came to an end yesterday. From today onwards, it's time to start studying more and playing less. 6 Days since my last post, lots has happened, some of which I have even forgotten by now.

A group of us went for CNY visiting on the 12th. Ryan, Desmond, Kl, Zac, Sienna, Bohui and me. We started of at Ryan's house. I didn't know about the Chinese tradition of bringing two oranges whenever you visit someone's house so I hadn't brought any to his house. We had lunch (steamboat - My first in Singapore) after buying some groceries from Cold Storage at the mall just beside his house. I tried many new things for the first time and I think everything tasted good. We played with Ryan's dog [Burger] alot! He was very cute and had fluffy white hair, lots of them, all around his body. It's breed was 'shih tzu', so it was living up to it's breed by being super lazy and dumb! Ryan would bully it so much by kicking it (poor dog!). Burger was also very stupid as when Ryan fake threw a ball, it would run far away looking for it. SO CUTE! Hahaha! Very fun to play! After the filling steamboat, we went to Rachel's house where there were more dogs to play with! I got to see Fluffy again (Rachel's dog). She was super skinny since I last saw her! She actually, really lost weight. [Omg, even I can't do that!!] We ate the ice cream that we brought from Ryan's house, which we bought from the supermarket, along with the groceries, at her house. Rum and Raisins and Cookies and Cream, WITH FERRERO ROCHER! Tasted not too bad, But I still prefer the original taste of the chocolate on it's own! Too irresistible. You just keep wanting more! After Rachel's house we went all the way to Jurong to Khayleng's house. By the time we reached, it was already around 7 so we had to leave soon to not be too late for the last house, Zac's. We sat and turned on to HBO and Transformers 2 was on. All of us kept on watching and didn't notice as time flew and it was almost 8 already! We quickly made a move to go to Zac's house where we were to have another steamboat for dinner. All of us were still full after the earlier steamboat, but still ate again! After some time, we left (it was close to 10 already) for home! My first time going on visiting was a success! Hahaha! Enjoyed the time with my friends, visiting their houses, eating good food and of course, collecting some money!

The next day, we were back at Ryan's house again, but this time to study! Rachel, Bohui, Sienna and I were there! I studied AEL, while the rest of them studied maths. I tried to teach them some EG2 questions which they didn't know how to solve, but even I had forgotten how to do some of them. Ryan said the day before that he wanted to really concentrate on studying today but in the end, we ended up playing much more than compared to studying! [As usual!]. After Bohui left at like 5pm, we all started making chocolate that Sienna had brought to make for him for the next day (Valentines Day). So we spent the rest of the evening making creative stuff for him and for ourselves to eat as well! :)

VALENTINES DAY! Nothing special for me as yet, but finally some friends to celebrate it with, just hanging out, catching a movie and having lunch / dinner! :) Skipped AEL lecture today, as it was the only lesson the whole day, and went out with Rachel, Ryan and Minghao to Bugis. Rachel left before the movie to go with her friend for a 'date' so it left the 3 of us guys gaying on Valentines day in a movie! =D The movie we watched was quite nice, Just Go With It. A comedy movie, as we would know when Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston come together. Laughed throughout the movie! So much so that I couldn't laugh anymore when I had to pee so bad and I tried so hard to resist till the end of the movie. Around 15minutes before the movie ended, I couldn't take it anymore and ran to the toilet! [I hate to miss parts of a movie!] Haha! After the movie was over, we walked over to Sim Lim Towers as Minghao wanted to get his Blackberry changed to a red cover. Then, we walked back to Bugis Juntion, and that's when Ryan got hit by his PMS mood of Boredness, Tiredness and Want-To-Go-Homeness. So, we decided to eat dinner, at Ajisen Ramen. [My first time eating here in Singapore (Ate it in China)] After that, we tried hard to get Ryan to not want to go home so early, but I guess he was sad at the fact that he doesn't have a date on Valentines? Hahah! So we went home, and I had spent like $50 on the whole day. Way tooooo much! :(

The next day was another day out for us! I had organised an outing for Zac and Minghao's belated Birthday [1st Feb] and we went to eat Hei Sushi buffet, at Sembawang. We went there instead of Sakae as Asyraf was coming also and Sakae isn't Halal! After the buffet, which I felt not quite worth it, we went to Daiso to buy some stuff for our EEPS Mini Project. After that, we were all short on ideas of what to do, so decided to go back home. Just as we entered the MRT, an idea struck upon us to go to the Town! We got off at the next stop and Sienna called Bohui to come over. [As he was going on a different direction, back to CCK] So we went to Orchard Central to Window Shop at Armani, Zara and what not. Most of the fun came after we went to drink Starbucks! Which really woke all of us up.
So we went around walking to different malls in Orchard like Paragon and then went back to Far East Plaza to eat at some Hong Kong cafe. The noodles there were quite nice tasting IMO. And the milk tea? OH so heavenly.. I'm definitely going back there, if not for the noodles, then the MILK TEA! It really reminds me of the awesome milk tea back in China! After dinner, we were just about to go back again, when we got another idea, to go play pool! So we walked down to Lucky Plaza and played pool for an hour or so, till around 9.30pm! Yeah it was that late! We called it the "Last day of playing, before we start studying for exams!" as our exams are in a week or so.

I really enjoyed this past few days, which have been full of activity, and also spending LOTS of money. [Gosh, I need to start saving up again!] Woah, this whole post looks like a freaking essay! So long! [Gosh Again!]. That's all right because I like the way it hurts! Hahah!