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Wednesday, September 9, 2009 @11:41:00 PM
You'll Never Walk Alone

O9 O9 O9

Yeap It's here once again. The three same numbers resembling the date, month and year. 9 September 2009. Actually started studying for my prelims today. What a nice day to start.. =) LOL. Started with Physics. Only managed to cover around 3 books of notes, probably around 3/4 of Sec 3 work. Better than nothing. Haha. My mum "stole" my modem in the morning to make sure that I study and said that I might get it back after I "prove" that I have studied. Though had lots of interruptions inbetween studying and plenty of "breaks" like walking around and finding stuff to eat.. Haha.. I was really super bored and got fidgety after awhile of studying and slipped into partial consciousness and did random stuff like throwing things around without even realising and when I suddenly "regained" consciousness I felt stupid at what I was doing. Haha. Super boring.. Now I know how Suti felt studying the whole day.. LOL.. Ah well, it's getting late and I sure am quite tired. Need to catch some rest I guess. Haha.

Gtg for now.

Saturday, September 5, 2009 @1:55:00 PM
You'll Never Walk Alone

MT Prelim

I had my MT prelims just earlier. I actually copied what I had written for my English essay in my MT essay, but the problem was that I could not actually translate wholesale what I had written. Or rather, I did not know how to. Anyway, my MT isn't that good either. I know I'm bad at languages. Nevermind that.

I wonder what everyone did for Chemistry today. (Not needed. They did Isomers for sure..) But I don't know what 'else' they did, perhaps go through the test. (Oh crap, they got back their tests and I haven't.. Nooo...) Anyway, going for chem on Monday at noon. Not sure what I would be doing though. I better go read up Isomers in my textbook just in case I get thrown questions and I stumble upon them.

Anyways, saddened that there are no EPL games today due to International friendlies and World Cup qualifiers. Not really interested in those. Only interested in the real thing: The World Cup 2010 - coming up next year. Back to EPL next week and Liverpool takes on Burnley at Anfield. Yossi Benayoun said earlier this week that if Liverpool is to lose one more game, the title challenge is over. I personally don't think so. I think that even though they lose 1 more game, all they need is to keep winning and prevent the exasperating draws that deprived them of the title last year. Without Xabi Alonso, whom has undoubtedly left a big gap in Liverpool's Midfield which could be sufficed by Aquilani, it IS hard for Liverpool. With the counter attacking threat that his long passes pose. It was definately easier to win games. Well, people come and people go. It's just part of professional football. Good Luck to Liverpool!

Gtg for now.

Friday, September 4, 2009 @2:22:00 PM
You'll Never Walk Alone

English Prelim

Back home after the more than dreaded English Prelims. I did use some of the vocabulary that I've learnt like "Exasperated" and.. and that's all I guess. Haha. Better than nothing though. I did the essay topic, "Write about a time when you were persuaded to take part in an event which many people enjoyed" or something like that. I'm not too sure if I had put any emphasis on the "people enjoyed" part though. I wrote about a friend persuading me into playing for the class in an inter-class soccer competition and the crowd (referred to as the 'many people') at the stadium where we were playing at. One of the better essays I have written in my opinion. Let's see how far my essay goes in terms of marks. I bulldozed through the situational writing as I was completely drenched of ideas after thinking a fair bit while writing the essay. I was too tired to continue but nonetheless, finished the situational writing in the nick of time, a minute before the time to stop. This deprived me the chance to check my work once again. Left the Hall feeling rather awkward. Came back into the Hall to be welcomed by a tough paper 2. Comprehension was challenging but that's not the worst part. The summary was a killer! No idea how to do it. Whether to include the points I or not? I was afraid that my points may be out of point and not answering the question. In the end, just like my situational writing, I managed to finish it but hadn't put in much effort. I probably need more practice, which I am lazy to do. Sigh..

Later, already on the bus on the way home with Su Tian, Bryan called to ask where we were saying that they were receiving the SS test we had done a few weeks ago. Lol. It's okay. I don't bother either. I mean, it's only just SS.. =)

Anyway, need to study for my MT prelim tomorrow. *GOSH, 2 language exams in a day. This is killing me!!* Ah well, no choice. Sometimes in life, you just don't have a choice. Live with it.

-Let's not fret. We'll be together till death does us apart.

Gtg for now..

Thursday, September 3, 2009 @7:42:00 PM
You'll Never Walk Alone

The Day Before my Prelims

Though I'm guessing this is a little too late, better late then never. Well, never doesn't seem to be the right word I should be using. Perchance something else as I have blogged before in a bid to improve my English for my impending O Levels. Haha. This is what I have to say:

"Hey English, I'm just a little too not over you."

Anyway, in school today I was half asleep during all the lessons and felt quite worried that my Prelims and O's are just around the corner and I feel that I have not put in enough effort in preparing for them. E-maths was a bore, getting scolded for doing something I didn't do and him letting me go after school, after he had realised the mistake I made was a minor one. I was exasperated during Geography, hoping to be able to elude questions asked by the teacher as I had not done my homework. I was doing the chem exercise paper which was supposed to be handed in today but for some reason, we had no time and are to hand it in on Saturday. I'm not even able to make in on Saturday as I have my MT Prelim exam colliding with it. After recess, I had ENGLISH! Not something to be excited for though, as I loathe my English lesson. It's boring and my class usually does not get work done (All are Lazy) and thus, no way to learn and improve either. How I wish I could just crucify English. Haha! I emerged out of English looking dejected to only know I had chem and we were getting back the test we took a week ago. I was bemused to find out that I had gotten the first MCQ question wrong. That's like the simplest question one could ever get. Free two marks to anyone if it were to appear in the O Levels. I'm guessing I'm the only one who got it wrong in the whole cohort. Give it to a Secondary one student and he too probably might get it right.

Well, off to read Harry Potter to probably get some final minute feel of how to go about writing Narratives, something i'm about to try for the first time. Well, I can just hope all goes well tomorrow.

Till then, once again,