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Saturday, May 30, 2009 @9:15:00 PM
You'll Never Walk Alone

Close Shave

Went for cycling earlier on a bicycle my father just bought. Hadn't cycled since a few months ago. Almost "killed" one people, and myself. LOL. It was really scary. Well, I don't blame them for not seeing me coming but at least they should look left and right before walking out onto the pavement and straight when I was coming perpendicular to him. Well luckily, he stopped as I tried to rush past him. If not, I wouldn't be writing this now. Would be at the hospital or stuff =X. Phew. Haha. Later, cycling from behind this mum with a pram, squeezed through the small path left. Then, the bicycle wheel twisted and got fell off the path, onto the grass. I steered left, but to no avail crashed to the ground. Luckily, on grass, if not I won't be writing this too.. Wow. Quite a day.

Football news, today, the two blues, Chelsea and Everton fight it out for the FA Cup Trophy in the finals later at 10pm. Not supporting anyone in particular. I hate both of them ~.~ Just watching for fun. Haha.

Excited for tomorrow. Going out :)

Gtg for now.
Cya, Punit

Friday, May 29, 2009 @9:54:00 PM
You'll Never Walk Alone

The Action of Doing Nothing

Seriously, I did actually nothing much today. Woke up at like 12+, already so late to do anything. Well not really xP. Played Restaurant City until got stupid maintenance. Then couldn't do anything. Then at around 4pm, my mum ask me to do reading (boring..) until like 6pm. After that, watched The Simpsons on TV and went to Bedok for shopping on groceries at 6.30pm. Came home at like 8pm and missed my favourite Tv show, Friends. Yes.. yes, answer to my quiz on Facebook. Haha. If you are reading this post and my blog, you get a total of 4 answers. Haha. From 8 to now, basically on the computer, Msn mainly xP.

Well, still can't wait for Sunday. Going somewhere on Sunday. The special one will know where. The others don't need to know =)

Gtg for now.

Thursday, May 28, 2009 @7:28:00 PM
You'll Never Walk Alone



This is for the Manchester "Noob" United Fans who visit my blog:

Barcelona 2:0 Man U
Barcelona 2:0 Man U
Barcelona 2:0 Man U
Barcelona 2:0 Man U

Haha. I watched the match and was super happy after only 10 minutes when Samuel Eto'o drew first blood to earn Barcelona a 1-0 lead. Before the 10 minutes, Barcelona rarely had any possession of the ball and not a single shot on goal. After their goal, they had all the possession in the world, with more confidence, passing the ball around and making Man U players chase for them. (Ooh.. I just love to see Man U struggling xD) All the way to the halfway mark in the game, Barcelona held on to their lead. Just 20 minutes from time, a cross from Xavi, landed perfectly on the side of gliding in Lionel Messi's head and ricocheted into the back of Edwin van der Sar's goalpost. Brilliant moment for the spanish team and I was completely filled with joy. I actually shouted and my mum almost woke up -.- Hmm, I watched the game all the way till the trophy presentation to Barcelona. To see sad faces on Man U player's faces made my day :).

In school today, we had the school bazaar. Since MT O Level exam is on the coming Monday, There were MT lessons today. So, I walked around the bazaar with 2 friends, looking at stuff. Not really interesting though.. After thier MT periods, we all went to the bazaar and went to the field. We saw this group of sec 2 students playing with a soccer ball and so, we went over to ask if we could play. They said that we had to pay to take penalties. $1 for 5 shots. We agreed and took penalty shots against sec 2's ~.~. After that we continued playing for like 15 minutes and got so carried away that the sec 2's didn't collect the money and just left =). So, we continued playing like for an hour till we were so tired that we decided to go back to class to rest for awhile. After awhile, there were MT lessons again and I stayed in class to read Twilight and listen to the radio. Was bored until when Suti and Darren returned from MT. Then we did nothing in class and it was almost time to go back home ( well, for them at least ). I had parent-teacher meeting today so I had to stay till 3P.M. which was the timeslot assigned to me. Earlier, Suti had spammed 43 tickets into 4G's raffle basket and won it LOL. $43 put to bid for a $40 worth raffle basket. There were a total of 50 tickets inside and 43 were his, which he collected from various people, including me, to win the basket and share the contents in the basket. 86% probalilty that he would win the lucky draw and to no surprise, he won. Then, I went to collect my share. Tim was beside me and whispering in my ear to take the packet of Ruffles Potato Chips as they seemed to be the most expensive item in the basket. I snatched it and stuffed it into my bag. LOL. Then, I swiftly stode out of our class with Tim and went to Parkway Parade for lunch. Ate at Mos Burger, my first time there. The burger was quite nice, teriyaki chicken burger. Really liked it. =). Then we went back and my parents had arrived for the meeting. We went in to meet Mr Tan (E Maths one). He told us that almost all the teachers had the same comment for me, it being, "Sloppy in work, need more diligence in my learning and need more effort". Well, I really do feel that I have slackened this year and I think I do deserve this comments. Guess I'm going to do something about it this june holidays. I'm going to put in the effort and brush up on my work. Of course not neglecting playing computer (Oops..). Haha.

Anyway, here are my results in brief ( Combined Overall for Semester 1):

Total percentage: 66.3%
L1R5: 17
L1R4: 10
Class Rank: 7/40
Level Rank: 76/320

Well, I have clearly deproved in my work. Last year, I had gotten 3rd place in Class. Dropped to 7th this time around, but I'm not all that disappointed. I'm actually fairly satisfied with my results this time but I'm sure that if I had put in that extra effort, I would have performed better. Ah, anyway, there is still enough time for me to catch up. I'm going to take full advantage of that.

LOLs.. Enough of spamming.. I could possibly go on.. Haha. Oh yes, and 1 more thing,

Gtg for now.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009 @8:27:00 PM
You'll Never Walk Alone

Barcelona VS Man U

Oh yea. The day we all have been waiting for, The Champions League Finals!! Barcelona up against Man U, both respective title winners for their league. I'm with Barcelona all the way. Screw Man U. Losers. Hope they get trashed upside down. Going to wake up at 2.30 A.M to watch the match live at home. Should be an interesting game. Anticipating so much so that I don't think I will be able to sleep -.-. Though I have a deep sinking feeling that Man U will win, I am still with Barcelona xD.

My ear is damn pain now. I was almost listening to music on my phone over the earpiece throughout the whole day in school and my ear is pain due to the ear plugs.. They are like kind of swollen. I had so much time to slack today, as predicted. Anyways, hope my ear will be ok by tomorrow. Tomorrow is more slack than today. God knows how many mother tongue periods there are tomorrow. I can even go to the bazaar and buy food and go outside chinese class and laugh. ~.~. Haha. That's mean =(. Today during assembly we had briefing on O Level stuff, like how to behave and what to do and what not. Also, there were talks by various HOD's on the cohort's performance. Almost sleeping through half of it. (Oops.. Did Mr. Tan see me? Nah.. he saw Francis) During mother tongue today, Suti's teacher didn't come to school, so he came with me to the library and we played PES for like an hour. Haha. That was fun, really enjoy PES together with the jokes and funny stuff that come in it.

Anything better for me to do at home for now besides on the computer for like almost the whole day after I come home? Hmm. Guess not for now. Tomorrow is our report book collection. I'm not so worried about that because I have done good for my standards. xD. Though I failed one subject, Comb. Humans, it's still not bad.

To end off, here is something encouraging for Barcelona, (As if there are going to see my blog. LOL!). Anyways,

Haha. Go Go Barcelona. I swear I'm going to spam if they win :)

Gtg for now.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009 @7:46:00 PM
You'll Never Walk Alone

Fifa 09 Doesn't Work

Just re-installed Fifa 09 after it didn't work when I tried earlier and guess what? It doesn't work.. Why? Because my graphic card isn't compatible with it. *Sigh* I guess I'm just not destined to play it. Spent all the time installing it that I'm now left with no time to play any other game. Never mind that. Haha.

In school, didn't have any free periods today =(. There wasn't even PE today =(. Wanted to play soccer so much. That too didn't work out. Not destined to play today either. Why am I not destined to do anything today? -_-. Well, as I look at tomorrow, I see slack periods, totaling to about 5 periods of slacking. That's like half the day. Haha :). Well, looking forward is all I can do for now. Quite bored at home too. Bored of usual games that I play. Anyways, off to try and keep myself occupied for now.

Gtg for now.

Monday, May 25, 2009 @4:23:00 PM
You'll Never Walk Alone

Liverpool 3:1 Spurs.

Well, the title tells it all. Yup, with goals from Torres, Kyut and Benayoun to seal the victory. A win didn't matter much to us but pride was still at stake. Sami Hyypia who has been in Liverpool for 10 years now is leaving for the German club, Bayer 04 Leverkusen. Benitez, the famously or rather infamously known unsentimental person didn't even let someone who has been at the club for 10 years play 10 minutes of his last match at Anfield. How unsentimental can he get? Anyway, to the relegation now:

Match results :

Hull 0-1 Man U
Sunderland 2-3 Chelsea
Newcastle 1-0 Aston Villa
West Ham 2-1 Middlesbrough

Well, in short, Newcastle and Middlesbrough are relegated alongside West Brom. Look at some bad and insulting stuff against Newcastle from Sunderland fans.

Haha.. Feel sad for them though. *I send my condolences to them :)*

New clubs that are coming up:
Sheffield United

Congrats to the new clubs coming up to the Premier League next season =)

Away from soccer, Today I only had one hour of lessons in school. HAHA. First period was taken up in the assembly plaza with speeches by teachers and the principal. After that, in class, we were checking our marks for CA 1 and SA 1. That took like an hour. So everyone had to go in register order to check their marks. In the meanwhile, I was playing PES with Suti. As usual, whenever we find free time, to PES it is! Haha. After that, Mr Tan (E maths one) came into class to take over half an hour of the extra A maths period. That was the first half hour. After that, went for Physics where we had to do an experiment with a ping-pong ball. So, Darren, Shanon and I were playing with the ping-pong ball like nobody's business. Later while we had to record our values suddenly someone said,

"Teacher, my ball drop.."

Just then, the whole class burst out into laughter. LOL. I still can't forget that moment. Hahahahaha. After that was recess and then slack period for me- Mother Tongue. Read Twilight. Then had english the next lesson. We only had half a period as for the second half of the lesson, most teachers had a level meeting so they had to go off. xD. After that was geog. I was like dam bored out and I seriously didn't feel like having geog lesson. True enough, Mrs Chen came into class saying that she didn't have to mood to teach and that she will only start in the truncated lessons in June. The class was elated and I played PES again, this time with Tim. Finally I got to play with Tim after a year of waiting. I got to go home after that. There isn't after school remedial for me this week as it's all taken for Chinese as they have their O level next week =). Good for me, I get to go back home.

Just got back home from MacDonald's where I went to eat lunch with Suti. (who poned Chinese remedial). Slacking now doing nothing. Guess I'll start studying from June holidays, trying to catch up on a year and a half's of work.

Gtg for now.

Sunday, May 24, 2009 @11:24:00 PM
You'll Never Walk Alone

A Day of Slacking

Woke up late today, around 1pm. I woke up and found out that I'm not going for soccer anymore because they increased the cost. I was okay with that as I didn't want to get myself injured before my O Levels which are inching closer and closer. I slacked by lying on the sofa until after lunch when I went to play computer. Played until 4pm and then went to watch the movie "Knowing" that I had downloaded a few days ago. Quite nice though I did feel the eeriness creep on me when it was a dark scene in the movie. Watched the movie and then my parents dragged me to the beach to walk. Went to east coast park, walked a little and went to sit on a seawall. It was super windy there. I closed my eyes and let the wind gush out any difficulties I was having at that instant. At that moment, I felt as though my mind was empty and free of worries.

Anyway, went back home later anticipating the Liverpool vs Spurs game coming up at 11pm. Should be an exciting match. With other games being played too, there will be also the fight for who gets relegated to the Championship alongside already-relegated West Brom. Likes of Sunderland, Hull City, Newcastle and Middlesbrough.

Well, off to watch the Liverpool match now.

Gtg for now,

Saturday, May 23, 2009 @3:51:00 PM
You'll Never Walk Alone


Hmm.. What about today. Totally nothing much. Went to school in the morning. Came back home and was on the com until late. Well, Let's hope tomorrow can be a better day. Plus, I got soccer tomorrow =). Tomorrow is also the day of the last games of the 08/09 EPL season. Liverpool is playing Spurs. Well anticipated match. Looking forward.

Gtg for now.

@3:19:00 PM
You'll Never Walk Alone

Friday: 22 May 2009

Friday was a short day in school as usual. Got to go back home at 12.40 PM. Tim was thinking in class whether to go for chinese remedial or not, so, I left him there and went home myself. When I asked IRIS and saw that the bus was coming in 21 minutes, I took bus 16. When I got off the bus at Bedok Interchange, the next 16 was just behind and parked just beside the one I came off from. Surprisingly, I saw Tim & Shanon walk out of the bus and walk towards the other side. I tried very much to call Tim but he didn't turn around to see me behind him =(. TIM!! Haha.. Nevermind. Went home after that and started reading Twilight after lunch while lying on my bed. In no time, I found myself asleep with the book still in my hands LOL. My sis said that she saw me and took the book and put it away. After a few hours, when I awoke, I found my hands still in the same position that they were in when I was reading.. HAHAHA. I held my hands in front of my eyes and chuckled.

Immediately after I awoke, my mum said that she was going to Orchard, Robinsons to do shopping. I hesitated quite a fair bit after which I finally decided to go with her. My aunt and sis came too, so it was me alone with 3 women. At Robinsons, all I saw were purses, women's shoes and more purses. I had to do that for almost an hour before my mum finally went to the men's section to see stuff for me =). Bought a pair of jeans and a polo tee. After that, went to eat at BK and then went back home. After I was home, I could finally enter Maplestory Episode 2. I thought that it was 3D. Only to my disappointment, I saw that it was still the same 2D Side Scrolling, with only some updates. Went to sleep soon as I had MT school today =(.

Thursday, May 21, 2009 @4:35:00 PM
You'll Never Walk Alone

Just came back from a 'roaring' departure from school. Just before our class left, the whole cohort was in the auditorium going through our E Maths Paper 1 corrections. After it was over, Mdm Halilah said that the class that collects all the scripts and arranges them in order first and passes it up gets to go first. Almost immediately, everyone started passing their scripts to Hwee Ling. She couldn't manage it. Ming Wei stepped in to help =). While he was sorting all of them out, almost the whole class started shouting (especially big Farhan). LOL. The whole auditorium looked at us. Ming Wei got nervous after that. Haha. Other classes handed in first =(. When the teacher allowed 4G to go, Farhan stood up and shouted like crazy. We all were laughing. When we were finally allowed to leave, everyone left saying the classic, "OOOOOOOOOH". Haha.

I also had my 2.4km run today. Had ran on other days too but didn't manage to pass =(. Today I put in my best effort and continued running despite having a dry throat. I ran non stop for 4 rounds, walked the 5th and ran the 6th. I came in with a timing of 14.49 and I hope I passed it. Even if i didn't, I will not re-run again. I don't think that I can get a timing better than this one =). I gave a hundred and one percent and got a decent timing. I'm surprised and happy with it.

Anyway, I got back the last few papers today =).

Chem: 75.8%, A1
Others below; Paper 2, Section B: 20/30

English: C6
Compre: 14/25 Summary: 13/25

Summary of marks:

English: C6
E Maths: A1
Chemistry: A1
Physics: A1
A Maths: A2
Comb. Humans: XX.... D7 -_-

L1R5= 18 L1R4= 11

I feel happy to an extent with my results. First time getting A1 for physics is commendable for my standards -_-. Though Comb. Humans i got D7 which I wasn't expecting, it's okay. Just have to push a little just to pass. Trying to push my english a little more to just about B4. Hoping to maintain this or rather do better for prelims and O levels...

Darren being an Idiot [2]

All the while since yesterday, Darren had been telling me that he got a total of 29/60 for situational and compo. When we got back our compre today, he got 17/25. He then started with the nonsense;

Darren: Shit la. I need 9 more marks from summary to pass. I don't think I can get 9. Walao, Sure fail liao.
Me: You won't get 9 la. I also need 9 to pass. If I can get 9, so can you.
Darren: I sure get below 9 one. I scared cannot pass english leh.
Me: You won't la. Later you get 20, I'll slap you.

True enough, what I had said came true. When we got back our scripts, he had gotten 21/25.

Suti: Walao, F**K you la Darren.
Darren: *Smiling* YES, I got A2. YEAHHH
Me: *Counting: 41+21 = 62. He got B4. Confused* You got B4 la.
Darren: I was lying to you all the while. I got a total of 39/60 for situational and compo.
Me & Suti: *Agitated Face*
Darren: I told my mother also that I got 29. She believe me.
Me: You can even lie to your mother, who'd believe you then.
Suti: (Still cursing and fretting about his marks saying that he could have gotten A2 too if he had gotten higher for summary)

I let Darren go as all his other subjects got lower marks than me. xD. So it wasn't that bad. [Darren, if you're reading this, please stop lying. ESPECIALLY to your mother ._.]. Normal lessons should be resuming tomorrow, if not, Monday. *Sigh* I guess it's back to more work and pushing to do. I really do enjoy the post-exams-getting-back-results-period. =). It's filled with anticipation and eagerness.

Gtg for now.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009 @4:40:00 PM
You'll Never Walk Alone

Ah, just back from english remedial. Only AG3 had english remedial and those who failed. Suti, Tim & Darren were laughing at me for needing to stay back =(. Lucky people. Got to go back home at 2pm. Haha. Did corrections for the situational writing test we got back today. Update on marks just received today:

E Maths: {75.6%}, A1
[Paper 1]: 57/80 [Paper 2]: 80/100

Compo: 19/30 =)
Situational: 14/30 =(
Compre and summary to be received on Thursday and Friday respectively.

Comb Humanities: (49/100) D7 =(
Geog: 29/40
SS (From yesterday): 20/40

I made so many careless mistakes in paper 2 of E maths. Could have gotten 90 marks =(. Nonetheless, I still got an A1 and I'm happy. Did quite well for my compo. Even Mrs Poon said that my compo was not bad. Omg. How often have I been remarked by her? All I had gotten last year was belittling remarks from her saying that I'm slacking and making lots of mistakes. Well I don't disagree *chuckle* but at least I've made an improvement in my compo =). The situational was bad and difficult. I know of many people who have gotten lower than me for that. I'm not grieving over that because I had actually gotten 15 but got one mark deducted due to not writing "Thank You" at the end of my situational. I was actually hoping for 30 marks in geog so that I can pass comb humans but I guess my fate was decided and I was not fated to pass. (I hadn't passed CA1 too.. -_-)

Exam marks away, here's one interesting conversation in school during recess today.

Darren: I like beef. It helps be grow strong bones.
Me: *Lame Face* Cos I cant eat beef.

( Forgot some lines. Well, lets get to the point)

Suti: Ox is a COW!
Me: NO! Ox is not a cow. Cow is the female counterpart of the Ox.
Suti & Tim: YES IT IS.
Suti: Why then do you generalise roosters and hens using chicken?
Darren: Because chicken is easier to say what. You don't say you want to eat hen.. hen.. right??
Me: *LOL in my head*
Suti: That's why cow is used to generalise cows and oxes. That means Ox is also a cow. *And looks at Darren*
Darren: Ya la, I never say Ox is not cow right? *Looks at me from the corner of his eye*
Me: *Forget it* *Got up to put plate*

Later on,

Darren: Punit, you can drink milk but cannot eat beef. Then you drink what milk? Goat milk?
Me: Zzzz. No la. Cow milk also la. Milking cows doesn't kill the cow but getting beef does.
Darren: Then what about leather? You use leather how? Leather is gotten from killing cows and shedding their skin.
Me: I don't have leather stuff. *Said that jokingly*
Darren: Ya.. Ya.. Then your sofa? Leather lor.
Me: My sofa is made of wood.
Darren: The side or something still got leather right?
Me: No. Wooden sofa. Wood frame.
Darren: Where got such thing?
Tim: GOT LA. Those olden time ones. Wooden structure.
Me: *Giggling*

Hmm, that aside. Haha. I "FINALLY" am reading my first book: Twilight. Just got it borrowed from a friend of my sister's. It's actually quite interesting. (Well, interesting till where I have read till at least. No vampires have appeared yet, as my friends said that this series was about vampires.) Guess I have to read on to find out then.

Gtg for now.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009 @5:36:00 PM
You'll Never Walk Alone

Okay. This is going to be the final blog that I'm going to create. About today, just got back some of my results:

Physics: 79% A1 (YEAH! First time xD)

[MCQ]: 31/40 [Paper 2] Section A: 40/50 Section B: Thursday

A Maths:
[Paper 1]: Soon [Paper 2]: 71.5/100

SS: 20/50 [Sad.. I thought the paper was easy]

Disappointed with my SS marks and Chemistry marks. Should have passed SS and done better for chemistry =(. All I can do now is hope for my geog to pull up my combined humanities marks, in which I need 30/50. Nervous about tomorrow as I'm getting back my English paper tomorrow. Hope for the best, prepared for the worst. Despite my disappointments, I'm proud of my physics marks. I Got A1 for the first time. Was super happy when I got the paper back :D. Let's see what tomorrow's marks will bring: Sadness or Happiness. What has fate in store for my English marks. I shall find out soon.

Darren was being an idiot in school today. Just before we got back our SS test he kept saying that he only wrote half-paged essays and would definately fail. When we got back the tests, I was the one who failed and he got B4, 31/50. What a liar. Was really angry at him at that time. Almost felt like tearing his script =). Anyways, I beat him in a few other subjects so it's kind of okay for me.

Gtg for now.