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Friday, June 5, 2009 @11:39:00 PM
You'll Never Walk Alone

Chemistry SPA.

I had Chemistry SPA (Practical) exam today. It was counted in O levels. I'm not sure whether this is the last SPA for the O Levels but some people said it is. Ah well, we had to do this "wheel of thoughts" for this SPA about corrosion of a limestone building by acid rain. Had to determine concentration by total loss of mass. I don't think I want to dwell on it much more. School was supposed to end at 12.40pm today. Either Mr. Tan wasn't aware of that, or he had forgotten. We continued doing the practical and writing stuff until around 1.40pm. Wow, an hour of delay. Well, if it's the last SPA, I wouldn't mind spending more time to finish it nicely and then hand it in.

As I made by way to chem, I walked past 4G classroom. The goalkeeper yesterday was shouting at me that my goal was a lucky goal and stuff. Actually, I don't see why they need to say that. It's not as if my goal was of any use. They still won. Sort of like a consolation goal of some kind. I didn't really care. Anyways,

Gtg for now.

Thursday, June 4, 2009 @11:02:00 PM
You'll Never Walk Alone

3-2 We Lost.

It was a tough game. Desmund from the opposing team could take on a few of us and score anytime. Luckily, we managed to stop him at a few occasions to deny him from scoring. Not for long though, he still scored one goal in the first half. I was trembling and not so stable in the first half. When I got the ball, I panicked and couldn't clear it in time and got intercepted. Luckily, it didn't convert into a goal. If it did, I would regret so much. Rifat scored a few minutes after they scored to equalize the score at 1-1. Just before half time, they had a free kick just outside the penalty box which was flung straight into the top center of the goal to bring the score to 2-1. Desmund had to leave a few minutes into the second half, and after some "team-talk" we went back to play the second half. Everyone was encouraging each other and telling them to clear the ball when in possession of it. Later on, Bryan accidentally passed the ball back to our keeper, Yang Shun and started shouting "Don't pick up! Don't pick up!" but to no avail, Yang Shun, being unsure about the backpass rule, picked up the ball with his hands, leading to a controversial indirect free kick inside the 6-yard-box. All 11 of us stood on the goal line and defended. The ball deflected off a few people and landed in the back of the net. Unlucky us. Later on, 5 minutes left on the clock and 3-1 down, I rushed up to help attack. Ran straight to the left flank where Farhan(I) was struggling to get through in between two defenders. I called for the ball. He passed back to me, and I took a cross. What looked like it was going out of play for a goal kick kind of cross was unintentionally a shot on target and a... a... GOAL!! It came unexpectedly. Nobody expected it to be a goal from what was supposedly a cross and looked like it was going out, not even me. I was stunned. I was like "OMG, that that ball just go into the goal?!?!" LOL. Then Farhan(I) came running to me while I was still stunned and he was shouting and screaming. What a goal. Hey hey, that shot was way further out than Torres's shot in a similar angle that ended up at the back of the net. Well, the 4G goalkeeper isn't as good as Liverpool's opposition goalkeeper that time but hey, I'm not Torres either =). Haha. I felt so great despite losing. I felt as if it was a fun workout for an hour or so.

Though I didn't get to play my preferred position, midfielder, I make full use of the five minutes that I was actually "attacking". As the saying goes:

It's not how much time you have on the ball that provide goals, but it's what you do in those time that you have the ball that lead to chances. [Credits to myself for making it up. -_-. It really makes sense though]

Oh my, Its late already. Need to sleep. So tired.

Gtg for now.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009 @6:49:00 PM
You'll Never Walk Alone

Inter-Class Soccer Tomorrow!

Tomorrow we're having an inter-class soccer tournament and I have been chosen to play for my class. We're up against lack-of-players 4G, but we too will be missing our goalkeeper Suti. His mum doesn't allow him to go. [His mom doesn't allow him to do anything..] I have been assigned to play as a defender. I personally would prefer to play in the midfield so that I would be able to attack too or at least defensive midfielder. I'll have to see tomorrow. Not too sure if it clashes with my tuition as my tuition is supposedly on Thursdays. May have to get it re-scheduled. The match is around 30 minutes per half and includes a 15 minute break in between I believe, as that was what Darren told me. Hope there would be someone who take take over my center-back position so that I can go into midfield and help the strikers, supposedly the position I'd love to play.

Today in school had Chem, Physics and English lessons. New stuff again for chem of course. Wasn't really paying attention in physics. Got too carried away with playing with the 3-pin plug and poking Shanon with the screw-driver [Man.. I'm bad. Sorry Shanon ^_^] Had a mock test Paper 1 during English. That was unexpected and to make matters worse, I went to class, or rather, almost everyone went to class late. I had so little time to do both the situational and the Compo. Did the situational anyhow as I was short of time and I was quite impressed how nicely I wrote my essay about "Challenges". Didn't do what I planned to today too though. Soccer tomorrow, so its a skip. I guess I'll do it when I feel like it =).

Gtg for now.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009 @8:28:00 PM
You'll Never Walk Alone

1st Day of Truncated

What a hectic first day of truncated. Came to school and found out that there were 2 pieces of homework that I had not done!! I was completely taken aback. I had totally forgotten about Chemistry and E-Maths homework. I rushed to try and find my table which could be anywhere in the class as the tables were all jumbled up after last week's parent-teacher meeting. In the end, I didn't manage to find my table and went to next door to 4F go get a table. When I returned, I found out that Shanon was the one who "stole" my table. LOL. Dam him =(. I started rushing to do Chemistry and suddenly, Darren came to tell me that E Maths was the first period. I got too panicky and didn't know how to do E maths when I started doing it. Mr V. Tan soon came in and started checking for those who didn't do his homework and as usual, I had to stay back after school to complete it. Luckily, there was SS period before Chemistry where I was able to complete it. Learnt Organic Chemistry today. Seems 'Quite' manageable until now. Well, tomorrow there's Chem again on the first period. More grinding my head coming up =(. Sorry, missed the block about SS because I wasn't listening to what the teacher was saying =). After school, went for half an hour to complete E maths and then go home.

At home, played Restaurant City the whole day. =.= I'm really broke in there. Haha. Anyway, the important thing is that my plans of studying this first two weeks has an awful beginning with me not even studying on the first day. Hope to study a little or at least read tomorrow. That is my expectation of tomorrow. Let's see if it comes true.

Gtg for now.

Monday, June 1, 2009 @9:32:00 PM
You'll Never Walk Alone

Noo.. I don't want go school tomorrow!

Man. Truncated is starting tomorrow, and I don't feel like going back to school for "Chem", "E-maths" and "SS !!@#@!". Okay with chem and e maths, but SS??!! I hate social studies xP. One and a half hours of it might just kill me due to boredom =X. I shall bring Suti to sit beside be and we shall play the SS period out. LOL. Mrs Poh is sure to scold me. *Sigh* I should be ready to study this June Holiday to catch up with the work that I've not been paying attention to. Hope to concentrate on my studies as it's the last stretch that I have to go all out for and after that is all slack :)

Had tuition today from 12pm to around 2pm plus. Ate lunch before tuition so that I could go for soccer straight after tuition. Played soccer for around 2 hours to around 4pm. Darren, Benjamin, Suti and me went to 7-11 after that. Darren and Benjamin wanted to waste money, so they bought Pink Dolphin, which cost $1.45 for 500ml, while Suti and I decided to save money and topped up $1.30 each for a 1.5 Litre bottle of FnN Orange. Thus, we each got around 750ml for $1.30. 15 Cents less and 250ml more xP. Went home after that and sit at com till now.

Noo, I keep feeling bored everytime I think about going to school tomorrow. Guess I have to take it as it comes.

Random joke:

You can spell Slaughter without Laughter... ~.~

Gtg for now.