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Exams coming up soon and i'm clueless about AEL.
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Wednesday, February 9, 2011 @1:36:00 AM
You'll Never Walk Alone


This IS an UPDATE after like what? 1 year and a few days! Never really bothered to blog since I started work [Oh ya, did I mention that I got a job?] I had this part time job in march, promoting bicycles. Before that, I worked 2 days giving out flyers for Beijing 101. I found out that giving out flyers standing for 10 hours straight was not my cup of tea. So I went over to promote bicycles at Aleoca, which is a part of Giant. Went to the Tampines Giant everyday [lucky got shuttle bus! free ride!]. I worked only like around 20 days out of the month and then stopped working as poly was to start in mid April and I had met my classmates-to-be on facebook! So, I earned 800bucks from the Bikes and 100 from the Flyers and went off to party with the peeps at Tanjong Pagar [LOL] and of course Sentosa! (: {I still remember our lost BBQ sauce! T.T}.

After those, of course, came poly life! Really fun at the start! Went to play pool with the 'clique' almost every dayy! Sienna, Bohui, Ryan, Khayleng, Rachel! Those were the days mann! :) I really miss those days now. School's getting so boring nowadays. I think it's just because of AEL, or is it just me? Nevermind that. One semester passed in my first semester of poly [Does that sound right?]. Did quite well for my GPA in the first sem despite having ELTECH and ENGMEC pressing down on my neck as I tried to score. I feel that those 2 are so easy compared to AEL.

Woah, who was to know I'd ever go to China? Yes, CHINA. Went there for a month or so with my poly to finish up 2 modules. I chose to do maths {EM3} there. Everyday was just filled with fun! So here's how it goes: Morning lessons from 8-12, 1 hour lunch break, afternoon lessons from 1-4, PARTAYEEEE! Nah, just kidding. Well the first 3 are correct, just the last one becomes "Going out everyday shopping our asses off!" Oh my!!! What fun we had. And the temperature was just super cooling. Waking up in the morning for lessons was the hardest thing to do. 100% due to the nice cool temperature in the morning and the feeling of snuggling under the warm blanket just keeps me sleeping all the time! Until, of course, we have the 'alarm clock'. That was not a phone ringing, but actually a routine of playing all of the SNSD songs loud [Thanks to Hazhari]! That would wake everyone up and they always would come over to watch the plastic faces [Sorry I just don't see how beautiful can be applied to fake faces]. Anyway! All these stuff is still belittling compared to the amount of fun we had there! (: Of course, writing everything out would be like doing a replica of the Journal that I did there, so I'm not gonna do that again! haha!

China was fun! I miss Chinaaa! [Is this a new paragraph already? Dang.. :( I guess I MISS CHINA too much to stop rattling on about it!]

Noww, back to this new year, OH, Happy New Year 2011! Yeah, I feel so happy this new year, being a year closer to dying in 2012 [If that's true. I doubt it.] Was halfway through the second sem in the beginning of January and now already coming to the end of the sem, with just a little more than one week to go. Exams are in 15 odd days and I'm still clueless about AEL. [God save me!] Yea, god is coming to save me. God in the form of LTP. Gonna attend both the AEL remedials conducted by him and pay loads of attention! [Boy, I better stock up on some attention]. Anyway! It's 2am now and I actually have to get up at 9am. Going school to study for [oh dammit] AEL quiz which I'm having at 12. Hopefully I can go to school at 11 and try to at least study some of the quiz's contents, which I highly doubt will even be caught as a glimpse in my repulsive, anti-AEL brain. Still! I will try to study! Hopefully I can go all out after next week and study for the Exams [Again, I highly doubt it].

Hahah! I doubt that i'll be able to do anything that I say! [about studying ONLY!] Damn, I need help! (: Oh well, Gotta catch some sleep! Shall continue ranting tomorrow!