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Friday, February 18, 2011 @10:05:00 PM
You'll Never Walk Alone

Childhood memories and Kinect

Kinect! Probably the most fun thing I've played this year yet! Went to Bohui's house to study / play XBOX Kinect. It's like a Wii, moving on the spot, but without the Wii! Hands free and controller free playing of minigames! hahaha! Super fun while it lasted. Even got to do a real-life audition, where we danced to mimic the on-screen movements! Ended up not studying as much as we would have expected to, but I guess that was really really very expected much? >:(

So I came home, ate dinner, turned on my laptop and onto facebook, like any other normal day and I see this post by one of my friends, sharing a blog. Well, being the wonderful person that I am, I will help to promote his blog, whoever he is and I will explain why.

Here's the link firstly: Some Things I Remember From The 90s

OK, now the awesome thing about this blog that this random guy has written is that it ACTUALLY really sums up my (and whoever else is born after 1990) whole childhood. Not only that, it seems to be that almost EVERYONE of those born after 1990 has experienced almost 99% of those stuff written there on the blog. May it be the food we ate, the things we did/played with, the times we spent together knowing one another and not forgetting, the priceless, TRUE FRIENDSHIP that we used to share with each other as such young kids. And since almost everyone has almost somewhat of the same childhood memory, you can actually really recover long lost memories that you may have been searching for, for a long time! NOW AIN'T THAT AWESOME?!

Honestly, my Kudos to Jeremy Sng (I guess that's his name from the blog site's address) for creating such a splendid blog which is now in progress of circling all around facebook, giving everyone who reads it 10-20minutes or maybe even longer, of re-living their childhood inside their minds itself. Even writing this post for me now is coming so naturally from my mind, so I guess the creativity of being children has come back and hit me for this period of time till I get distracted by the other more advanced things in life nowadays.

Still couldn't thank him enough. Really really hats off to him. To everyone: Please read the blog! If not your anyone, do it for that little kid inside of you which is still hiding in the dark and will still be, but with a little light shining upon him to give you the little more motivation you need to do whatever it is that you need motivation for! [For my case, it's studying for exams! =D]