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Saturday, January 23, 2010 @11:49:00 PM
You'll Never Walk Alone

New Injury

Ankle was just getting better when I hit my left leg against the sofa on my way to go to sleep. My small toe got all the impact. It was super painful. I was like jumping around for 15minutes cos it was super pain.. It was so unbearable that I was almost gasping for breath. After I stabilized, I immediately iced it, but to no avail. It is still super pain now. It has not even reduced a bit! It's difficult to walk with a toe like this. When I put weight on it, I feel the sharp pain in my toe, which is unbearable.

Anyway, went out today with Guju school sec 4 2009. We went to school earlier an hour and waited for cher. After school we went for lunch nearby and talked with cher alot. After that it took us almost an hour what to do next. Cher suggested we go out together as it's been a long time since we all met up, and even so now, since most of them are going to JC and I'm not, so I'll get to see them not much now. We decided to go watch a movie. But, what movie was the question. After much time, we decided to watch the movie, "It's complicated", which is a NC16 movie. First time watching a NC16 movie for me after I turned 16. Might be partly because I didn't have the time to catch a movie after my birthday due to the Prelims and O's drawing nearer. The movie review? The movie was kinda stupid and pointless. Though some comedy at some parts (Duh, It's expected of the movie) but I felt it was a waste of 10 bucks. Movie was till 6pm and went home after that. When I reached home, I was super sad to find that my crystal casing of my w995 which I has just bought 2 days ago had already broken!!! Such a waste of $4. I feel like going over to the shop from which I bought the casing and flaming the shopkeeper. I'm thinking of spending another $4 on buying a new one as I just only bought the phone and so quickly, the cover is broken..? Feels so wasted la.. *Sigh*

I was just in time on writing this blog entry, haha! I looked at the clock and it read 11.45pm. I went straight away to this page and started typing. The post would register the time 11.45pm, not the time that I've finished writing this entry, which is around 12.05am the next day already! Haha! Today's entry was kinda long, wasn't it? It could have been longer if I had added more details! :D But, I guess it's okay. Good night!