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Thursday, May 28, 2009 @7:28:00 PM
You'll Never Walk Alone



This is for the Manchester "Noob" United Fans who visit my blog:

Barcelona 2:0 Man U
Barcelona 2:0 Man U
Barcelona 2:0 Man U
Barcelona 2:0 Man U

Haha. I watched the match and was super happy after only 10 minutes when Samuel Eto'o drew first blood to earn Barcelona a 1-0 lead. Before the 10 minutes, Barcelona rarely had any possession of the ball and not a single shot on goal. After their goal, they had all the possession in the world, with more confidence, passing the ball around and making Man U players chase for them. (Ooh.. I just love to see Man U struggling xD) All the way to the halfway mark in the game, Barcelona held on to their lead. Just 20 minutes from time, a cross from Xavi, landed perfectly on the side of gliding in Lionel Messi's head and ricocheted into the back of Edwin van der Sar's goalpost. Brilliant moment for the spanish team and I was completely filled with joy. I actually shouted and my mum almost woke up -.- Hmm, I watched the game all the way till the trophy presentation to Barcelona. To see sad faces on Man U player's faces made my day :).

In school today, we had the school bazaar. Since MT O Level exam is on the coming Monday, There were MT lessons today. So, I walked around the bazaar with 2 friends, looking at stuff. Not really interesting though.. After thier MT periods, we all went to the bazaar and went to the field. We saw this group of sec 2 students playing with a soccer ball and so, we went over to ask if we could play. They said that we had to pay to take penalties. $1 for 5 shots. We agreed and took penalty shots against sec 2's ~.~. After that we continued playing for like 15 minutes and got so carried away that the sec 2's didn't collect the money and just left =). So, we continued playing like for an hour till we were so tired that we decided to go back to class to rest for awhile. After awhile, there were MT lessons again and I stayed in class to read Twilight and listen to the radio. Was bored until when Suti and Darren returned from MT. Then we did nothing in class and it was almost time to go back home ( well, for them at least ). I had parent-teacher meeting today so I had to stay till 3P.M. which was the timeslot assigned to me. Earlier, Suti had spammed 43 tickets into 4G's raffle basket and won it LOL. $43 put to bid for a $40 worth raffle basket. There were a total of 50 tickets inside and 43 were his, which he collected from various people, including me, to win the basket and share the contents in the basket. 86% probalilty that he would win the lucky draw and to no surprise, he won. Then, I went to collect my share. Tim was beside me and whispering in my ear to take the packet of Ruffles Potato Chips as they seemed to be the most expensive item in the basket. I snatched it and stuffed it into my bag. LOL. Then, I swiftly stode out of our class with Tim and went to Parkway Parade for lunch. Ate at Mos Burger, my first time there. The burger was quite nice, teriyaki chicken burger. Really liked it. =). Then we went back and my parents had arrived for the meeting. We went in to meet Mr Tan (E Maths one). He told us that almost all the teachers had the same comment for me, it being, "Sloppy in work, need more diligence in my learning and need more effort". Well, I really do feel that I have slackened this year and I think I do deserve this comments. Guess I'm going to do something about it this june holidays. I'm going to put in the effort and brush up on my work. Of course not neglecting playing computer (Oops..). Haha.

Anyway, here are my results in brief ( Combined Overall for Semester 1):

Total percentage: 66.3%
L1R5: 17
L1R4: 10
Class Rank: 7/40
Level Rank: 76/320

Well, I have clearly deproved in my work. Last year, I had gotten 3rd place in Class. Dropped to 7th this time around, but I'm not all that disappointed. I'm actually fairly satisfied with my results this time but I'm sure that if I had put in that extra effort, I would have performed better. Ah, anyway, there is still enough time for me to catch up. I'm going to take full advantage of that.

LOLs.. Enough of spamming.. I could possibly go on.. Haha. Oh yes, and 1 more thing,

Gtg for now.