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Wednesday, May 20, 2009 @4:40:00 PM
You'll Never Walk Alone

Ah, just back from english remedial. Only AG3 had english remedial and those who failed. Suti, Tim & Darren were laughing at me for needing to stay back =(. Lucky people. Got to go back home at 2pm. Haha. Did corrections for the situational writing test we got back today. Update on marks just received today:

E Maths: {75.6%}, A1
[Paper 1]: 57/80 [Paper 2]: 80/100

Compo: 19/30 =)
Situational: 14/30 =(
Compre and summary to be received on Thursday and Friday respectively.

Comb Humanities: (49/100) D7 =(
Geog: 29/40
SS (From yesterday): 20/40

I made so many careless mistakes in paper 2 of E maths. Could have gotten 90 marks =(. Nonetheless, I still got an A1 and I'm happy. Did quite well for my compo. Even Mrs Poon said that my compo was not bad. Omg. How often have I been remarked by her? All I had gotten last year was belittling remarks from her saying that I'm slacking and making lots of mistakes. Well I don't disagree *chuckle* but at least I've made an improvement in my compo =). The situational was bad and difficult. I know of many people who have gotten lower than me for that. I'm not grieving over that because I had actually gotten 15 but got one mark deducted due to not writing "Thank You" at the end of my situational. I was actually hoping for 30 marks in geog so that I can pass comb humans but I guess my fate was decided and I was not fated to pass. (I hadn't passed CA1 too.. -_-)

Exam marks away, here's one interesting conversation in school during recess today.

Darren: I like beef. It helps be grow strong bones.
Me: *Lame Face* Cos I cant eat beef.

( Forgot some lines. Well, lets get to the point)

Suti: Ox is a COW!
Me: NO! Ox is not a cow. Cow is the female counterpart of the Ox.
Suti & Tim: YES IT IS.
Suti: Why then do you generalise roosters and hens using chicken?
Darren: Because chicken is easier to say what. You don't say you want to eat hen.. hen.. right??
Me: *LOL in my head*
Suti: That's why cow is used to generalise cows and oxes. That means Ox is also a cow. *And looks at Darren*
Darren: Ya la, I never say Ox is not cow right? *Looks at me from the corner of his eye*
Me: *Forget it* *Got up to put plate*

Later on,

Darren: Punit, you can drink milk but cannot eat beef. Then you drink what milk? Goat milk?
Me: Zzzz. No la. Cow milk also la. Milking cows doesn't kill the cow but getting beef does.
Darren: Then what about leather? You use leather how? Leather is gotten from killing cows and shedding their skin.
Me: I don't have leather stuff. *Said that jokingly*
Darren: Ya.. Ya.. Then your sofa? Leather lor.
Me: My sofa is made of wood.
Darren: The side or something still got leather right?
Me: No. Wooden sofa. Wood frame.
Darren: Where got such thing?
Tim: GOT LA. Those olden time ones. Wooden structure.
Me: *Giggling*

Hmm, that aside. Haha. I "FINALLY" am reading my first book: Twilight. Just got it borrowed from a friend of my sister's. It's actually quite interesting. (Well, interesting till where I have read till at least. No vampires have appeared yet, as my friends said that this series was about vampires.) Guess I have to read on to find out then.

Gtg for now.