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Monday, March 7, 2011 @11:56:00 PM
You'll Never Walk Alone
- Tioman!


Can't remember how I forgot to update after finishing that horrible AEL paper and also finishing off my exams with a chicken pie (AC)! The AEL paper was quite tricky and I guess everyone would have lost a few marks here and there, so no regrets. The AC paper was surprisingly just nice. I hope I can get an A! :D

Lot's of enjoying these few days as it's probably the only holidays we've got (if we consider working not holiday)! So tomorrow's the big day! Heading off to TIOMAN ISLAND! For a 4 day, 3 night trip - with snorkeling, trekking and lots of fun! Can't wait for tomorrow! I actually have to be in school by 6.30am, so I've to wake up at 5 (lucky my dad's fetching) and it's already 12 now! I have to wake up in 5 hours and I'm not even asleep yet! Yikes!

Can't possibly update so much stuff over the so many days I didn't post, so I'll skip right to the main point!

YEP! That's prolly pretty much everything thats on my mind now! The clear waters and sandy beaches of Tioman island! It's gonna be so much fun! I'll write about it when I'm back!!!


Friday, February 25, 2011 @10:54:00 PM
You'll Never Walk Alone
Good Luck for tomorrow's Exams! :)

The Night before AEL

Yep, one of those feelings you get the night before an exams. Not as intense as the one I used to have before all the O level papers though. I'm still slacking the whole day, too tired and lazy to study any more. Well then, I would owe it all to luck if I'm able to walk out of the exam hall tomorrow feeling a wee bit confident about getting that A. Ow man, I make myself feel like a poor thing. I guess that A is achievable if the MCQs don't get too tricky to even do! My exam starts at 9 and to save myself from being late, I'd probably have to wake up at 6am and get going. So as much as I should be going to bed right now, I am just NOT TIRED! I had a late night yesterday and went to sleep quite late (can't even remember what time I went to sleep). Woke up in the morning feeling like P Diddy, LOL joking, woke up at like 1pm! So I'm practically only awake for 10 hours now. Even if I just throw myself into bed, I still would roll around till like 1/2 am and then fall asleep. So I guessed I could do better things, Awake! Nothing too much on my brain now except for the formulas I need to remember for tomorrow. Still unsure for a few of them, but like all other times, I'll just go knocking on luck's door! :)

Hope I do well tomorrow! I shall wish myself all the best! And also to whoever else who visits my blog, for whatever it is they need the wishing of luck for! =)


Wednesday, February 23, 2011 @7:56:00 PM
You'll Never Walk Alone

Lag much?

I feel that my whole life is full of lag! Laggy connections, laggy devices and what not? I have been having only a 1mbps home internet which I'm unable to connect to sometimes for quite a while now. But even the most basic and cheapest broadband speeds offered by Starhub/Singtel are 3mbps. A friend told me that 1mbps really isn't enough, but what am I to do if my dad just doesn't want to get me new broadband? The next thing is laggy devices. My dad recently got an iPhone 4 and dumped his old iPhone 3 (3 mind you, not even 3GS) to me. Considering how laggy the iPhone 3 OS is, is already bad enough. To add to my misery, the phone is like 2 years old and the battery can barely last a day without turning on my 3G. With 3G on, the phone barely lasts an hour. So, I have to bring my charger everywhere and I have to use the phone less to conserve battery for the whole day if I'm going out. But I'm hoping to find a cheap iPhone charging battery pack to bring out everyday to charge my phone while I'm on the go. That won't solve the problem but I guess it will at least help by 0.00001%?

Guess I just have to live with it! Even my 4gig ram laptop lags like 90% of the time. Sigh. I guess in the future when I get a little faster stuff, I'll appreciate them to the max! :)


Tuesday, February 22, 2011 @7:33:00 PM
You'll Never Walk Alone

Losing Something More

So, after a full 3 hours of researching on how to lose weight and seeing how so many people have managed to do so after a long perseverance, I am now motivated to lose weight myself! This semester break holiday, I will stick to a strict diet and exercise regularly to drop that few kilos of my body, to feeling healthier! In my plan, I will stick to these few rules:

1) NO fast food AT ALL. Recently I have been eating lots of fast food in the form of KFC, Mac and what not. No more fast food means I'll have to eat slow food, which takes more time than fast food, to arrive to me. Hence, it will be cheaper! Allowing me to save money as well!

2) NO drinking gassy drinks! So, no more coke/pepsi for me. Water all the way! Maybe some non-gassy soft drinks like barley / lemon tea is still okay. But water is still the best! :)

3) EXERCISE E V E R Y D A Y! Yes, everyday after my exams I will exercise - go jogging. I've heard that exercising on an empty stomach (Just after waking up in the morning) burns the most calories as, when there is no food in the stomach the body automatically finds stored fats in our body to burn for energy. Although too much of this is harmful for the body, I'm sure there will be not much harm in doing it just for the 2 months!

4) LESSEN my rice intake. Rice contains lots of carbohydrates and is a big contributer to fats for many people in Asia since it's our staple food source! Hence, I shall reduce eating rice alot! And if possible, even avoid eating rice totally! (I'm already doing this currently! It has help me already lose the 5kg that I've gained in China!)

And also many other things that can help me in being motivated and focused on my goal! As people say, it's all in the mind. If you have the right mindset and motivation, you can do anything without excuses! So it's time to get on that weighing machine of mine and LOSE BIG!


Saturday, February 19, 2011 @11:38:00 PM
You'll Never Walk Alone

Electronics & Electrical

I don't know what I did to get myself into these complicated stuff, but since I'm already there, might as well study. Electricity (AC Circuits) is not that bad, quite easy to pick up. The pain in the a** is Electronics ( AEL ). Yes, everyone knows that! But today I actually tried to do some AEL questions and got them right!! Feel so accomplished! [Haha joking!] But was really happy to find out that we didn't need to learn the hardest topic in AEL! Not actually didn't need to learn, but what I mean is that MOSFET only appears as one question in Section C of the exam paper and there are three questions in Section C, and we only have to do two! Proof that I actually did study [For self comforting!]:

So yeah! That's my table and I'm DOING AEL! hahaha! Like the first time since forever! So yeah ok, there's nothing more interesting to write about AEL so I shall stop here!

Talking along the same lines as E and E, I just handed in my final assignment for EEPS! The circuit was connected to a battery pack and a speaker:

That's the inside of the circuit. And now for the spectacular outside pics! =D

Cute isn't it! With Spongebob and Ben 10! It even has a cape behind! :D Now, the cool thing about this thing I made, which makes it different from everyone else's is that theres this flap at the side (you see it on the Spongebob pic). Now this flap actually opens up to the volume control. But I put the stick infront of the Play button (which is supposed to let the sound begin) quite close to the switch on the circuit and so every time the circuit moves a little, the sound begins. So since the moving the volume button would move the whole circuit, the flap, when closed and when pressed can actually trigger the sound! HOW COOL IS THAT?! Okay not very, but it was really amusing while it lasted! Sometimes the sound would just turn on when I shake the box! hahahah! Now that's cool! Okay Okay, not as cool as Crumpler bags! But still! :]

Going swimming @ Jurong east tomorrow! Somewhat of a break from the "studying"! hahah! I could actually do without a break [Was slacking while studying! :P] but a break is always good! Right? Right? Aww shucks!


Friday, February 18, 2011 @10:05:00 PM
You'll Never Walk Alone

Childhood memories and Kinect

Kinect! Probably the most fun thing I've played this year yet! Went to Bohui's house to study / play XBOX Kinect. It's like a Wii, moving on the spot, but without the Wii! Hands free and controller free playing of minigames! hahaha! Super fun while it lasted. Even got to do a real-life audition, where we danced to mimic the on-screen movements! Ended up not studying as much as we would have expected to, but I guess that was really really very expected much? >:(

So I came home, ate dinner, turned on my laptop and onto facebook, like any other normal day and I see this post by one of my friends, sharing a blog. Well, being the wonderful person that I am, I will help to promote his blog, whoever he is and I will explain why.

Here's the link firstly: Some Things I Remember From The 90s

OK, now the awesome thing about this blog that this random guy has written is that it ACTUALLY really sums up my (and whoever else is born after 1990) whole childhood. Not only that, it seems to be that almost EVERYONE of those born after 1990 has experienced almost 99% of those stuff written there on the blog. May it be the food we ate, the things we did/played with, the times we spent together knowing one another and not forgetting, the priceless, TRUE FRIENDSHIP that we used to share with each other as such young kids. And since almost everyone has almost somewhat of the same childhood memory, you can actually really recover long lost memories that you may have been searching for, for a long time! NOW AIN'T THAT AWESOME?!

Honestly, my Kudos to Jeremy Sng (I guess that's his name from the blog site's address) for creating such a splendid blog which is now in progress of circling all around facebook, giving everyone who reads it 10-20minutes or maybe even longer, of re-living their childhood inside their minds itself. Even writing this post for me now is coming so naturally from my mind, so I guess the creativity of being children has come back and hit me for this period of time till I get distracted by the other more advanced things in life nowadays.

Still couldn't thank him enough. Really really hats off to him. To everyone: Please read the blog! If not your anyone, do it for that little kid inside of you which is still hiding in the dark and will still be, but with a little light shining upon him to give you the little more motivation you need to do whatever it is that you need motivation for! [For my case, it's studying for exams! =D]


Wednesday, February 16, 2011 @11:37:00 AM
You'll Never Walk Alone

One too many

The long holidays of the CNY weeks and slacking weeks just came to an end yesterday. From today onwards, it's time to start studying more and playing less. 6 Days since my last post, lots has happened, some of which I have even forgotten by now.

A group of us went for CNY visiting on the 12th. Ryan, Desmond, Kl, Zac, Sienna, Bohui and me. We started of at Ryan's house. I didn't know about the Chinese tradition of bringing two oranges whenever you visit someone's house so I hadn't brought any to his house. We had lunch (steamboat - My first in Singapore) after buying some groceries from Cold Storage at the mall just beside his house. I tried many new things for the first time and I think everything tasted good. We played with Ryan's dog [Burger] alot! He was very cute and had fluffy white hair, lots of them, all around his body. It's breed was 'shih tzu', so it was living up to it's breed by being super lazy and dumb! Ryan would bully it so much by kicking it (poor dog!). Burger was also very stupid as when Ryan fake threw a ball, it would run far away looking for it. SO CUTE! Hahaha! Very fun to play! After the filling steamboat, we went to Rachel's house where there were more dogs to play with! I got to see Fluffy again (Rachel's dog). She was super skinny since I last saw her! She actually, really lost weight. [Omg, even I can't do that!!] We ate the ice cream that we brought from Ryan's house, which we bought from the supermarket, along with the groceries, at her house. Rum and Raisins and Cookies and Cream, WITH FERRERO ROCHER! Tasted not too bad, But I still prefer the original taste of the chocolate on it's own! Too irresistible. You just keep wanting more! After Rachel's house we went all the way to Jurong to Khayleng's house. By the time we reached, it was already around 7 so we had to leave soon to not be too late for the last house, Zac's. We sat and turned on to HBO and Transformers 2 was on. All of us kept on watching and didn't notice as time flew and it was almost 8 already! We quickly made a move to go to Zac's house where we were to have another steamboat for dinner. All of us were still full after the earlier steamboat, but still ate again! After some time, we left (it was close to 10 already) for home! My first time going on visiting was a success! Hahaha! Enjoyed the time with my friends, visiting their houses, eating good food and of course, collecting some money!

The next day, we were back at Ryan's house again, but this time to study! Rachel, Bohui, Sienna and I were there! I studied AEL, while the rest of them studied maths. I tried to teach them some EG2 questions which they didn't know how to solve, but even I had forgotten how to do some of them. Ryan said the day before that he wanted to really concentrate on studying today but in the end, we ended up playing much more than compared to studying! [As usual!]. After Bohui left at like 5pm, we all started making chocolate that Sienna had brought to make for him for the next day (Valentines Day). So we spent the rest of the evening making creative stuff for him and for ourselves to eat as well! :)

VALENTINES DAY! Nothing special for me as yet, but finally some friends to celebrate it with, just hanging out, catching a movie and having lunch / dinner! :) Skipped AEL lecture today, as it was the only lesson the whole day, and went out with Rachel, Ryan and Minghao to Bugis. Rachel left before the movie to go with her friend for a 'date' so it left the 3 of us guys gaying on Valentines day in a movie! =D The movie we watched was quite nice, Just Go With It. A comedy movie, as we would know when Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston come together. Laughed throughout the movie! So much so that I couldn't laugh anymore when I had to pee so bad and I tried so hard to resist till the end of the movie. Around 15minutes before the movie ended, I couldn't take it anymore and ran to the toilet! [I hate to miss parts of a movie!] Haha! After the movie was over, we walked over to Sim Lim Towers as Minghao wanted to get his Blackberry changed to a red cover. Then, we walked back to Bugis Juntion, and that's when Ryan got hit by his PMS mood of Boredness, Tiredness and Want-To-Go-Homeness. So, we decided to eat dinner, at Ajisen Ramen. [My first time eating here in Singapore (Ate it in China)] After that, we tried hard to get Ryan to not want to go home so early, but I guess he was sad at the fact that he doesn't have a date on Valentines? Hahah! So we went home, and I had spent like $50 on the whole day. Way tooooo much! :(

The next day was another day out for us! I had organised an outing for Zac and Minghao's belated Birthday [1st Feb] and we went to eat Hei Sushi buffet, at Sembawang. We went there instead of Sakae as Asyraf was coming also and Sakae isn't Halal! After the buffet, which I felt not quite worth it, we went to Daiso to buy some stuff for our EEPS Mini Project. After that, we were all short on ideas of what to do, so decided to go back home. Just as we entered the MRT, an idea struck upon us to go to the Town! We got off at the next stop and Sienna called Bohui to come over. [As he was going on a different direction, back to CCK] So we went to Orchard Central to Window Shop at Armani, Zara and what not. Most of the fun came after we went to drink Starbucks! Which really woke all of us up.
So we went around walking to different malls in Orchard like Paragon and then went back to Far East Plaza to eat at some Hong Kong cafe. The noodles there were quite nice tasting IMO. And the milk tea? OH so heavenly.. I'm definitely going back there, if not for the noodles, then the MILK TEA! It really reminds me of the awesome milk tea back in China! After dinner, we were just about to go back again, when we got another idea, to go play pool! So we walked down to Lucky Plaza and played pool for an hour or so, till around 9.30pm! Yeah it was that late! We called it the "Last day of playing, before we start studying for exams!" as our exams are in a week or so.

I really enjoyed this past few days, which have been full of activity, and also spending LOTS of money. [Gosh, I need to start saving up again!] Woah, this whole post looks like a freaking essay! So long! [Gosh Again!]. That's all right because I like the way it hurts! Hahah!


Thursday, February 10, 2011 @8:53:00 PM
You'll Never Walk Alone


Talk about losing my stuff, [my blog name; if some of you didn't notice] Liverpool recently lost a important key player of our squad. That's none either than Fernando Asshole Torres. Yep, he just moved his ass for 50 f**king million to Chelsea. I mean just look at his face in the picture I just posted. He looks like a freaking John Terry. HAHAHAH! Hopes his wife gets it by Terry! Anyway, to add to his shame, Liverpool whooped Chelsea's ass 1-0 when Liverpool went to Stamford Bridge just a few days after Torres was sold. And the most amazing part of this was that Torres was playing! :) Kudos to Agger for elbowing Torres in the face to block him a chance to move forward and also to Carragher for blocking his 'so-called-shot'. Hopes he just rots there like a bench warmer! :) Or, fail just as he did in Liverpool. You Torres, have this whole of today's post dedicated to you for betraying the club that gave you so much respect for who you are and what you do, and cheer you on even when you're down. You, do this to them, you have no heart.

No doubt, I'll still support him when he plays for Spain, but never when he's in blue.

Cya Torres,
Punit - A Liverpool Fan, Now and Forever


Wednesday, February 9, 2011 @1:36:00 AM
You'll Never Walk Alone


This IS an UPDATE after like what? 1 year and a few days! Never really bothered to blog since I started work [Oh ya, did I mention that I got a job?] I had this part time job in march, promoting bicycles. Before that, I worked 2 days giving out flyers for Beijing 101. I found out that giving out flyers standing for 10 hours straight was not my cup of tea. So I went over to promote bicycles at Aleoca, which is a part of Giant. Went to the Tampines Giant everyday [lucky got shuttle bus! free ride!]. I worked only like around 20 days out of the month and then stopped working as poly was to start in mid April and I had met my classmates-to-be on facebook! So, I earned 800bucks from the Bikes and 100 from the Flyers and went off to party with the peeps at Tanjong Pagar [LOL] and of course Sentosa! (: {I still remember our lost BBQ sauce! T.T}.

After those, of course, came poly life! Really fun at the start! Went to play pool with the 'clique' almost every dayy! Sienna, Bohui, Ryan, Khayleng, Rachel! Those were the days mann! :) I really miss those days now. School's getting so boring nowadays. I think it's just because of AEL, or is it just me? Nevermind that. One semester passed in my first semester of poly [Does that sound right?]. Did quite well for my GPA in the first sem despite having ELTECH and ENGMEC pressing down on my neck as I tried to score. I feel that those 2 are so easy compared to AEL.

Woah, who was to know I'd ever go to China? Yes, CHINA. Went there for a month or so with my poly to finish up 2 modules. I chose to do maths {EM3} there. Everyday was just filled with fun! So here's how it goes: Morning lessons from 8-12, 1 hour lunch break, afternoon lessons from 1-4, PARTAYEEEE! Nah, just kidding. Well the first 3 are correct, just the last one becomes "Going out everyday shopping our asses off!" Oh my!!! What fun we had. And the temperature was just super cooling. Waking up in the morning for lessons was the hardest thing to do. 100% due to the nice cool temperature in the morning and the feeling of snuggling under the warm blanket just keeps me sleeping all the time! Until, of course, we have the 'alarm clock'. That was not a phone ringing, but actually a routine of playing all of the SNSD songs loud [Thanks to Hazhari]! That would wake everyone up and they always would come over to watch the plastic faces [Sorry I just don't see how beautiful can be applied to fake faces]. Anyway! All these stuff is still belittling compared to the amount of fun we had there! (: Of course, writing everything out would be like doing a replica of the Journal that I did there, so I'm not gonna do that again! haha!

China was fun! I miss Chinaaa! [Is this a new paragraph already? Dang.. :( I guess I MISS CHINA too much to stop rattling on about it!]

Noww, back to this new year, OH, Happy New Year 2011! Yeah, I feel so happy this new year, being a year closer to dying in 2012 [If that's true. I doubt it.] Was halfway through the second sem in the beginning of January and now already coming to the end of the sem, with just a little more than one week to go. Exams are in 15 odd days and I'm still clueless about AEL. [God save me!] Yea, god is coming to save me. God in the form of LTP. Gonna attend both the AEL remedials conducted by him and pay loads of attention! [Boy, I better stock up on some attention]. Anyway! It's 2am now and I actually have to get up at 9am. Going school to study for [oh dammit] AEL quiz which I'm having at 12. Hopefully I can go to school at 11 and try to at least study some of the quiz's contents, which I highly doubt will even be caught as a glimpse in my repulsive, anti-AEL brain. Still! I will try to study! Hopefully I can go all out after next week and study for the Exams [Again, I highly doubt it].

Hahah! I doubt that i'll be able to do anything that I say! [about studying ONLY!] Damn, I need help! (: Oh well, Gotta catch some sleep! Shall continue ranting tomorrow!


Wednesday, January 27, 2010 @8:18:00 PM
You'll Never Walk Alone

Clean Energy!

Yeah, I got into my first choice, Clean Energy Management @ Ngee Ann Polytechnic, together with Sutian and Darren. Haven't written for quite a few days already. That I call a break. A break where I did nothing much except rot @ home infront of my com. I already filled in the Starbucks job application form and gave it to them, but they haven't called me since. Played tennis for the first time on Monday. Because I was tall, I found it easier to serve, rather than return. Suprisingly, me and Minren were "Better" than Sutian at playing. We were both first timers, while he had played Tennis before.. Haha..

I'm still confused.. Do I need to do anything, now that I know i'm going to NP? Cos like, the JC students have to report to school tomorrow I think. Do we need to go anywhere? Hmm.. Redundant question, cos like no one visits my blog. :O Haha. Doesn't matter. I'll find out soon enough. :)


Sunday, January 24, 2010 @11:35:00 PM
You'll Never Walk Alone

First step forward

I'm going to pick up an application to work in Starbucks from Parkway tomorrow. Hopefully, I get a part time job to last me around 2 months.. Though my toe and ankle still hurts, I'm still going to play tennis tomorrow.. Hope it doesn't worsen too much.. I just hate injuries during holidays.. Urgh! Went to dad's friend's place [Chaitali's house] for dinner tonight. Kind of a get together party.. Haha. Spam pani puri!!! Yum.. :P


Saturday, January 23, 2010 @11:49:00 PM
You'll Never Walk Alone

New Injury

Ankle was just getting better when I hit my left leg against the sofa on my way to go to sleep. My small toe got all the impact. It was super painful. I was like jumping around for 15minutes cos it was super pain.. It was so unbearable that I was almost gasping for breath. After I stabilized, I immediately iced it, but to no avail. It is still super pain now. It has not even reduced a bit! It's difficult to walk with a toe like this. When I put weight on it, I feel the sharp pain in my toe, which is unbearable.

Anyway, went out today with Guju school sec 4 2009. We went to school earlier an hour and waited for cher. After school we went for lunch nearby and talked with cher alot. After that it took us almost an hour what to do next. Cher suggested we go out together as it's been a long time since we all met up, and even so now, since most of them are going to JC and I'm not, so I'll get to see them not much now. We decided to go watch a movie. But, what movie was the question. After much time, we decided to watch the movie, "It's complicated", which is a NC16 movie. First time watching a NC16 movie for me after I turned 16. Might be partly because I didn't have the time to catch a movie after my birthday due to the Prelims and O's drawing nearer. The movie review? The movie was kinda stupid and pointless. Though some comedy at some parts (Duh, It's expected of the movie) but I felt it was a waste of 10 bucks. Movie was till 6pm and went home after that. When I reached home, I was super sad to find that my crystal casing of my w995 which I has just bought 2 days ago had already broken!!! Such a waste of $4. I feel like going over to the shop from which I bought the casing and flaming the shopkeeper. I'm thinking of spending another $4 on buying a new one as I just only bought the phone and so quickly, the cover is broken..? Feels so wasted la.. *Sigh*

I was just in time on writing this blog entry, haha! I looked at the clock and it read 11.45pm. I went straight away to this page and started typing. The post would register the time 11.45pm, not the time that I've finished writing this entry, which is around 12.05am the next day already! Haha! Today's entry was kinda long, wasn't it? It could have been longer if I had added more details! :D But, I guess it's okay. Good night!


Friday, January 22, 2010 @10:43:00 PM
You'll Never Walk Alone

Aggravating Pain?

Don't know what I was thinking when I went to play soccer today, haha. Ankle really hurts when kicking the ball with my right leg. Got to train my left leg much! My left leg too noob and week.. Rofl.. Hope my ankle heals very soon. Going to play tennis on monday. I don't know why, since June this year, I've had a sudden craze for tennis. I feel like I can learn it well and also master it. Even so, I don't think its that easy. We'll see on monday. Erm, nothing much left really. Mann, boring days, for the blog I mean. Otherwise, my daily life is kind of a little more action packed than these words on my blog. You see, I'm noob in English, cos I can't express myself in words that well. WOHO! But hey, I still got a B3!!! Zomg!


Thursday, January 21, 2010 @10:47:00 PM
You'll Never Walk Alone
. Seriously.. You won't.. Liverpool 2-0 Spurs.

First Move

Uh yes, first form of exercise after I sprained my ankle last sunday. Went to play badminton today with Darren, Justin & Min Ren @ the Tampines sports complex. Playing with a sprained ankle, which wasn't just completely healed yet, surely disabled me from running or jumping.. But, more of a workout than it was winning or losing.. Darren booked the court for 1 hour, but we ended up playing for 2 hours. The receptionist had to personally come to the court to invite us to go away! ROFL. Haha. We quickly ran out of the complex. Then, we decided to go to KFC for lunch. I tried to persuade Darren to come, but to no avail.

I'm busy right now.


Wednesday, January 20, 2010 @8:54:00 PM
You'll Never Walk Alone

My New Phone!

Yup, you saw it right. I got a new phone. Nothing wrong with my N95 though. My new phone is a Sony Ericsson w995. Here's what it looks like.. :D

Nice isn't it? =) Not bad though. Only problem is that I have to get used to the spacebar button being # instead of 0 in Nokia. Will get used to it.. :) My dad brought it home last night at around 12am. I let it charge till 3am and then started looking through all the stuff in the phone, from the setting to the games and applications. Then finally, went to sleep at 4am. Woke up at about 10am and started on the phone again. This time, connected it to the desktop and transferred songs, themes and wallpapers. Went to get a screen protector and a crystal casing this evening to protect the phone of course.. :D Feels so uncomfortable using the phone.. Not used to the buttons, as well as the fear of spoiling it on the first day. I can use my N95 like no one's business, but I don't know why, my natural instincts give care for the new phone. I guess everyone's like that.. Or are they?

Whole day almost spent on figuring out content in my phone. The only thing is that youtube videos aren't able to play the phone and applications which require internet connection don't work without mobile internet. Don't want to be using that, causing a heavy bomb in my bill. WiFi works only for browsing, but not for those applications, eg. eBuddy, Facebook & YouTube applications. Facebook and eBuddy can still be accessed by the browser, but YouTube can't!!!! *Grief* Ah well, doesn't really mater when I've got a computer infront of me for now till poly starts and probably a laptop everywhere I go when poly starts. :)

My ankle has shown no signs of improvement since yesterday, but I still went out to cycle today. Cycled to Bedok Interchange to get my phone's protector and cover. Didn't really feel the pain, but I guess it only affects me when my ankle is in certain positions. Wanted to go for badminton tomorrow, but don't know if it will come through as there is no preparation done at all.

Anyway, still happy with my new phone. Now customizing it to fit my liking.. xD


Tuesday, January 19, 2010 @9:01:00 PM
You'll Never Walk Alone


All the right moves in all the right faces.. So yeah, we're going down! Crazy about that song one might say. It's One Republic's new song: All the Right Moves. Just downloaded it yesterday. Kind of liked it. Haha :)

Rawr, bored the whole day today. Good news is that my ankle is healing. It's been a lot better then it was yesterday. I could barely walk yesterday. I can walk now though. Guess I'll still have to take care of it for a day or two more for it to fully recover. Hmm, where do I begin? My day ended just before it had started. Typical day @ home doing absolutely "NOTHING". Woke up around 10am and was happy how much my ankle had healed :] Still a little pain though. Got onto the com until now. Bored and Bored. No one to talk to, no one to respond to.. How I wish I could say yes to Darren's offer to come and play soccer tomorrow. Guess I'll just have to be patient and wait.. =) To make matter's worse, my internet had broke down from 7pm till now. Sucks even more, trying to load a page and it ends up taking 10 minutes to give you a page showing that it is not able to load it. I got a funny pic to show lol.. Just click on it to Enlarge it so that you can see it. =D

Haha. I call it, Firefox - PWNT n OWNED! Roflmao. xDD

Good laugh. Now I'm off. This is so embarrassing. Hahaha! LOL.

Punit :)

Monday, January 18, 2010 @10:27:00 PM
You'll Never Walk Alone

Back to blogging!

After quite a number of months, I'm back to blogging! :D Wow, it's really been a long time. The last post I wrote was when I was studying for my prelims back in September last year. Now, it's already past the real O's and even went for my holidays in India, came back already and even got my results.

Detailed results:


English -> B3
Guju (MT) -> B3
Combined Humans -> B3
E Maths -> A1!!
Chemistry-> A1!!
Physics -> A2...
A Maths-> A2...

L1R5 = 12-1 = 11
L1R4 = 9-1 = 8

Well, I was unsatisfied and felt so down when I received my results, cos I wanted 10 and below. The next day, I felt better and more satisfied after some of my friends and my dad assured me that this result was very good. After that, I was quite impressed and proud of my English and Humans score. Didn't expect to do so good. (: Physics and A maths should have been a one. Now I've already sent my JAE application. Here are my first 2 choices (Don't need more, cos I'd surely go in to the first, if not second choice. xD):

1st: Clean Energy Management [Ngee Ann Poly]
2nd: Tampines Junior College [Science]

Hmm.. Poly over JC. HAHA! 3 months to go for poly to start. Trying to find some work, when this stupid ankle had to sprain. I'm still finding a job! If anyone has any recommendations please do inform me! :) Thanks.

Anyway, can't think of more to write, so that will be it for today. :D Welcome back to blogging to myself.


Wednesday, September 9, 2009 @11:41:00 PM
You'll Never Walk Alone

O9 O9 O9

Yeap It's here once again. The three same numbers resembling the date, month and year. 9 September 2009. Actually started studying for my prelims today. What a nice day to start.. =) LOL. Started with Physics. Only managed to cover around 3 books of notes, probably around 3/4 of Sec 3 work. Better than nothing. Haha. My mum "stole" my modem in the morning to make sure that I study and said that I might get it back after I "prove" that I have studied. Though had lots of interruptions inbetween studying and plenty of "breaks" like walking around and finding stuff to eat.. Haha.. I was really super bored and got fidgety after awhile of studying and slipped into partial consciousness and did random stuff like throwing things around without even realising and when I suddenly "regained" consciousness I felt stupid at what I was doing. Haha. Super boring.. Now I know how Suti felt studying the whole day.. LOL.. Ah well, it's getting late and I sure am quite tired. Need to catch some rest I guess. Haha.

Gtg for now.

Saturday, September 5, 2009 @1:55:00 PM
You'll Never Walk Alone

MT Prelim

I had my MT prelims just earlier. I actually copied what I had written for my English essay in my MT essay, but the problem was that I could not actually translate wholesale what I had written. Or rather, I did not know how to. Anyway, my MT isn't that good either. I know I'm bad at languages. Nevermind that.

I wonder what everyone did for Chemistry today. (Not needed. They did Isomers for sure..) But I don't know what 'else' they did, perhaps go through the test. (Oh crap, they got back their tests and I haven't.. Nooo...) Anyway, going for chem on Monday at noon. Not sure what I would be doing though. I better go read up Isomers in my textbook just in case I get thrown questions and I stumble upon them.

Anyways, saddened that there are no EPL games today due to International friendlies and World Cup qualifiers. Not really interested in those. Only interested in the real thing: The World Cup 2010 - coming up next year. Back to EPL next week and Liverpool takes on Burnley at Anfield. Yossi Benayoun said earlier this week that if Liverpool is to lose one more game, the title challenge is over. I personally don't think so. I think that even though they lose 1 more game, all they need is to keep winning and prevent the exasperating draws that deprived them of the title last year. Without Xabi Alonso, whom has undoubtedly left a big gap in Liverpool's Midfield which could be sufficed by Aquilani, it IS hard for Liverpool. With the counter attacking threat that his long passes pose. It was definately easier to win games. Well, people come and people go. It's just part of professional football. Good Luck to Liverpool!

Gtg for now.

Friday, September 4, 2009 @2:22:00 PM
You'll Never Walk Alone

English Prelim

Back home after the more than dreaded English Prelims. I did use some of the vocabulary that I've learnt like "Exasperated" and.. and that's all I guess. Haha. Better than nothing though. I did the essay topic, "Write about a time when you were persuaded to take part in an event which many people enjoyed" or something like that. I'm not too sure if I had put any emphasis on the "people enjoyed" part though. I wrote about a friend persuading me into playing for the class in an inter-class soccer competition and the crowd (referred to as the 'many people') at the stadium where we were playing at. One of the better essays I have written in my opinion. Let's see how far my essay goes in terms of marks. I bulldozed through the situational writing as I was completely drenched of ideas after thinking a fair bit while writing the essay. I was too tired to continue but nonetheless, finished the situational writing in the nick of time, a minute before the time to stop. This deprived me the chance to check my work once again. Left the Hall feeling rather awkward. Came back into the Hall to be welcomed by a tough paper 2. Comprehension was challenging but that's not the worst part. The summary was a killer! No idea how to do it. Whether to include the points I or not? I was afraid that my points may be out of point and not answering the question. In the end, just like my situational writing, I managed to finish it but hadn't put in much effort. I probably need more practice, which I am lazy to do. Sigh..

Later, already on the bus on the way home with Su Tian, Bryan called to ask where we were saying that they were receiving the SS test we had done a few weeks ago. Lol. It's okay. I don't bother either. I mean, it's only just SS.. =)

Anyway, need to study for my MT prelim tomorrow. *GOSH, 2 language exams in a day. This is killing me!!* Ah well, no choice. Sometimes in life, you just don't have a choice. Live with it.

-Let's not fret. We'll be together till death does us apart.

Gtg for now..